Disinfection and Cleaning Services

Our focus

Entelijant is not just a cleaning company. We’re mainly focused on disinfection and microbial remediation. Our focus is to rid your premises of germs once a general clean has been performed. Entelijant uses high quality chemicals agents that are 100% safe and that have a very effective success rate. Our Disinfection Technicians will give you a clear overview of the procedures and technology being used to disinfect your premises. We are highly regarded in the industry due to our use of the newest hospital grade equipment at all times. Entelijant ensures that all sites, whether a small home, daycare, or large office building, receive top notch disinfection with antimicrobial agents that have been proven to clean, disinfect, and deodorize. Our botanical agents do not leave a foul or strong odor.

What to expect


To ensure complete antimicrobial protection, we start with manual disinfection of all surfaces. Next we apply electrostatic sanitizing mist to the entire area, to sanitize places that manual disinfectant can’t reach. Finally, our technicians utilize UV-C light designed to kill more than 30 types of pathogens — including Covid-19. 


We take care to disinfect all high traffic areas and touchpoints, including:

●    Light switches

●    Handrails

●    Elevator buttons

●    Door handles and entryway doors

●    Restroom faucets and dispensers

●    Phones, keyboards and mouse devices


Not all environments require the same treatment. 

We treat based on your physical location and surface type, using specialized solutions that are based on the surface, including both porous and nonporous hard surfaces.


Non-porous surfaces can include:

●    Stainless steel

●    Solid surface

●    Laminate

●    Porcelain

●    Hard tile and rigid plastic materials


Porous surfaces can include:


●    Laminate

●    Granite

●    Porous tile and plastic materials of various types

We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, no matter the size or location. 


Places we treat:


Corporate offices

Medical & Healthcare Facilities

K–12 Schools 


University buildings and Dormitories

Commercial Kitchens

Houses of Worship



R&D Facilities and Clean Rooms 

Construction Cleanup

Industrial Facilities and Factories



Transit Systems and Airports


Residential Homes